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    Piston engines $75.00+ Turboprop engines $100.00+ Jets $125.00+ Additional Interior: Leather coating $30.00+ Carpet cleaning $50.00+ Cockpit detail $50.00+
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    Other Services
    Pneumatic boot treatment $225.00+ Acrylic window polish $85.00+ Window coating $100.00+ Paint decontamination $100.00+ Windshield coating
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    Piston engines $175.00+ Turboprop engines $200.00+ Jets $225.00+ Belly detail $50.00+ Ceramic Coating
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    Polish and Protection
    Brightworks $85.00+ Navigation light(s) polish $100.00+ Exhaust stack polish $50.00+ ea. Oxidation removal and paint refinement $85/ manhour
Premium Aeronautics Coating
The high-altitude environment is very unforgiving. The effects of damaging UV rays, moisture, temperature exteremes and pollution-compounded by factors such as deicing solutions, oil, exhaust fumes and bird/insect contaminants-can cause permanent damage that impairs your aircraft's performance while ruining its overall appearance. 
A coating designed to offers a full complete protection in the harsh aeronautics environment-helping to minimize the corrosive effects of everything from acid rain to friction and heat. It is a proven performer in the coating industry, having passed rigid Boeing approval testing and demonstrated temperature tolerances that exceed 1,000 degrees.
A paint-protection system that utilizes propriety ceramic technologies, it interlocks its molecular structure with the surface molecules of paintwork to literally become the functional surface of your airplane's paintwork. The result is a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won't wash off. 
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 -Protection from harmful               environmental  elements
-Enhanced Performance
-Long lasting beauty with
 minimal maintenance
-Application versatility

Advanced protective solution for the Aviation