Whether you own a street bike, chopper, touring, sport bike, track bike, trike, dirt bike, or a trails bike here
at Royal Motors we have you covered. Whether you're looking for a quick hand wash or a show-room perfection detail, we ensure the utmost attention to detail.
Our services can be customized for the private riders or the profesional racers 
the result of our strong passion in motorcycles and detailing will reflect on your bike.
  1. Basic Wash
    A basic wash includes a paint sealant (4x stronger than wax).
  2. Silver Detail
    Full hand wash, leather/vinyl deep cleaned & conditioned, cluster & screens cleaned, tires, wheels cleaned & dressed, grease removed, light polish & paint sealant applied
  3. High Performance Detail
    Best suited for competition motorcycles , disassembly of the bike is needed to ensure all parts will work at peak performance.
  4. Ceramic Protection
    Ceramic coating helps to preserve appearance and increase lifetime of goods. Never waste your time and money on waxes or sealants.
  5. Gold Detail
    This package offers a prestine level detail. Every nook and crany will be cleaned with super soft brushes. Engine will be completely freed from grease and dirt.
  6. Paint Refinement
    Single stage paint correction to remove 65% of swirls and haze or multi stages to remove up to 95% of paint defects. This service will go hand in hand with our Gold Detail.




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As an active rider, I know how important a motorcycle can be for someone. I have more than 10 years of track experience and over 20 years of road experience with many models & sizes. I understand the importance for racers
to have that edge over the competition. With our ceramic coatings, we can create up to 3% less wind drag while keeping everything cleaner during the race--less gunks that gets stuck in parts that you don't want. This service reduces the cleaning time by half,
so you can focus on more important things like studying the track or resting.
When I traveled with my bike, I did not like the way how my bike looked after the long rides-like I never have washed it.
Our Ceramic Coating service will eliminate so many problems, especially during the wet season.


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